To grow as a participatory community of vibrant Christian families, nourishing ourselves on the Word of God and the Sacraments, and proclaiming and propagating gospel values and creation of a just society of Human person living with respect and dignity free from any type of oppression and exploitation.


To renew the Christian family, to make the parish a fully participatory community, to make the parish a self reliant community and to build up human communities based on Gospel values through various apostolate such as Education, health service, family visit and prayer and social service.

How it all started

Surgaonjoshi was a substation of Khandwa parish. On 29th May 1988 it was granted the status of an independent parish and Fr. I.M John SVD was appointed the first parish priest. The sisters of Our Lady of Fatima joined the parish community in 1997, to render assistance in pastoral and medical apostolate.

Confreres who worked so far

Name of the Confreres



Fr. I. M. John

Parish Priest


Fr. Swaminathan

Assistant Director


Fr. Kishore Soreng

Assistant Parish Priest


Fr. George Bhuriya

Parish Priest


Fr. Michael Kerketta

Assistant Parish Priest


Fr. Swaminathan

Parish Priest


Fr. Thomas Thalachira

Community Member

2013 June -Dec

Fr. Andrews Lobus

Parish Priest


Fr. Sagaya Raj

Parish Priest


Fr. Pankratius

Parish Priest