“Inspired by the Word of God and moved by the Spirit of Jesus, journeying towards the people of God to make them a witnessing and vibrant Christian community”.


To grow as a participatory community of vibrant Christian families,  nourishing ourselves on the Word of God and the Sacraments,  and proclaiming  and  propagating Gospel values, for deepening  Christian faith and  promoting a just   and peaceful society which is in harmony with the whole creation.


  1. Renewal of the Christian Community: To make the Parish a witnessing community: to make the Christian families strong in faith, witnessing through life, and active in apostolate, through greater emphasis on faith formation and systematic catechism for children and adults.
  1. To make the Parish a Praying Community: As ‘Eclesia in Asia’ states: “The Church is called to be a praying Church, deeply spiritual even as she engages in immediate human and social concerns. All Christians need a true missionary spirituality of prayer and contemplation”. Therefore, regular personal prayer, family prayer and community prayer have to be fostered.
  1. To make the Parish Fully Participatory Community: Parish should be the model of a participatory Church, where all sections of the people of God are actively involved in the life and activities (involving in the SCC) of the Parish. This requires change of attitude from all sections of people: (clergy, religious and laity), so that all feel the sense of belongingness to the Parish Community.
  1. To make the Parish Self supporting and self reliant Community: Another aspect of a participatory Church is that it becomes also a self supporting a self reliant Community. Hence all the families of the Parish should be encouraged and motivated to support Parish related activities through their generous contributions.

How it all started

St. Arnold’s Church, Vijaynagar is the second biggest Parish of Indore Diocese. It was officially established as a Parish on July 13, 1997 prior to which it was a Mass Centre from October 1, 1994 for the Parishioners of certain bifurcated areas of St. Joseph’s Parish Nanda Nagar. Ever since the Parish is growing in number, many attempts were made to buy a plot of land for the construction of the church building but all were in vain. However, two years back a multipurpose hall was constructed for the school as well as for the Parishioners where the Holy Eucharist is held on Sundays and special occasions.

The Parish was bifurcated from St. Joseph’s Church Nanda Nagar. In June 1, 2005 St. Vincent Pallotti Parish was erected as a result Sukhliya Sectors A, E & F, and Love Kush Vihar were detached and attached to the new Parish. Again in May 2006 Pipliyakumar Parish was erected with Lusodiya Mori, Pipliakumar, Scheme No. 94, Tulsi Nagar, Mahalaxmi Nagar and Nipaniya which were earlier part of St. Arnold’s Church, Vijaynagar. St. Arnold’s Church, Vijay agar is 5kms away from Bishop’s House Indore. Following are the detail geographical elements of St. Arnold’s Church Vijay agar:-

  1. Eastern side of St. Arnold’s Church, Vijay agar : This includes  i) Vijaynagar Chauraha -1Km distance, ii) Satya Sai Chauraha 400 Metres distance ,  iii) Bombay Hospital- 1.5 KM distance iv) AB Road -300 Meters distance.    All these areas form part of ward No. 19. v) Dewas Naka- 1Km distance. vi) Pipliyakumar Parish- 3 Kms distance from St. Arnold’s Church, Vijaynagar.                                                                               
  2. Western side of Arnold’s Church: This includes Nyaynagar-Sukhliya C sector (ward No. 14, right side of Kushabhav Thakre-Ujjain road),  Right side of the Road exists- St.Vincent Pallotti Parish 3 kms away from St. Arnold’s Church and at the northern -west side of the Parish is  Scheme No.74/C- that forms ward No. 11of the Parish.
  3. Northern side of St. Arnold’s Church, Vijaynagar: This includes Scheme No. 78 General (Ward No. 15 : S1/S2, Ward No. 18 : S-4 Bal Vidya Madir School & Narmada Colony, Word No. 13: Niranjanpur Rajive Awaas, Ward No. 16 : Scheme No. 114 Part I & II, Scheme No. 78 Shramic Niwas- Blocks AB,D,E,F,G,H,J,K,L,M, Ward Nos. 1 to 10 and Scheme No. 78 General ward No. 17 : S3/S5 Milton school & Lal Bungalows.


  1. Southern side of St. Arnold’s Church, Vijaynagar: This includes Scheme No. 54 Ward No. 12., Sayaji Hotel – 3star is just 1.5kms away from St. Arnold’s Church Vijaynagar.


Our Parish comprises of 351 Christian families, who have migrated from various parts of our country. The Parish is catering mainly to the spiritual needs of the Parishioners like Sunday, Weekdays Masses and administering the sacraments. On every Wednesday Novenas prayers are conduct in honor of Perpetual Help of Our Mother Mary, followed by Eucharistic celebration. On every Friday we have Adoration followed by Eucharistic celebration. The total number of registered families of St. Arnold’s Church are 351 and the total number of faithful are 1415 on November 29, 2013.

Small Christian Community and Associations: The Parish has been divided into 16 wards on geographical basis and each ward is considered to be Small Christian Community. Each Parish Council member is the representative of the SCCs. In all the SCCs regular Prayer Meetings are held. Each SCC is animated by either a Priest or Sister. Besides this we have an effective Parish Council to assist Parish Priest in implementing various Socio-spiritual activities for the spiritual well-being of the faithful of the Parish. Besides this the Parish has got, Mata Maria Sangh, St. Arnold’s Sangh, YCS, CYM and Balak Yesu Sangh. All these associations actively participate and contribute to the growth of the faith of the Parishioners.

Miles Stones:

On March 29, 1998, the Parish house of St. Arnold’s parish Vijayanagar was inaugurated by General Visitator Fr. Carlos Pape SVD. The house was blessed by Fr. Jose Palanthikal the Vicar General of Indore Diocese. The long waited dream of Fr. Thomas Aquinas SVD.


Confreres who worked so far

Name of the Confreres



Fr. Joseph Pinto

Assistant Parish Priest


Fr. Thomas Aquinas

Parish Priest


Fr. Jose Pulickal

Assistant Parish Priest


Fr. Lazarus Serrao

Assistant Parish Priest


Fr. Thomas Thalachira

Parish Priest


Fr. Justin D’Souza

Parish Priest


Fr. Clement Khess

Parish Priest