To strengthen the faith of those who accepted Jesus and those who are in search of God.


To live an exemplary life of love, concern and appreciation to those whom we come in contact.

How it all started:

From the year 1978 the Catholics of Halol were taken care by St. Mary’s Church, Godhra. We felt the need of establishing a parish at Halol vicinity so we looked for land for the parish. A land of 5 acres was bought in the year 1987 at Halol. Later a building was put up as priest’s residence to say mass and keep farm materials and products. A few years later a multipurpose hall on the first floor of the building was constructed which is being used as chapel.

Sacred Heart Church Parish Halol is a small town parish of forty four families. All of them are migrated for the sake of earning their livelihood. So it is a parish of floating population. These forty four families are settled in the towns of Halol, Kalol and in Gayatri Nagar village. Pastoral work is the main thrust of this parish. Regular Eucharistic sacrifices, Eucharistic adorations, Retreat, Night Vigils, religious instructions for children, Praying of Rosary at homes in the moths of October and May, Carol Singing during the Advent are conducted. Occasional House visits are made by Priest and religious.

Celebrations of the patron of the parish Sacred Heart of Jesus and the feast of Holy Family are celebrated on a grand scale with a meaningful liturgy of Eucharistic Bible Quiz competition, entertainment and concluding with fellowship meal. Other feasts such as Christmas, New Year and Easter are celebrated with meaningful liturgy of the Eucharist and with a short gathering.

Family of Jesus and Mary prayer Group: Eight families of the parish joined with the sisters of Jesus and Mary Congregation come together regularly for prayer and visits to the sick and for a few programmes to help out the people in timely need.

Boys Hostel: We have a Hostel for primary and high school students from neighboring villages. They are taught the importance of discipline, punctuality, hygiene in life and intellectual formation with extracurricular activities. There is cooperation from the parents. Last year 2008-09 we had the first batch of SSC students from our hostel with first class result.

Sacred Heart Youth Group: we have an enthusiastic and energetic Sacred Heart Youth Group of boys and girls of higher secondary and college students. This group takes care of Sunday and fest day liturgy, monthly Eucharistic adoration, visiting sick peoples and has prayer meetings at homes.

Pilgrimages; These are undertaken occasionally to different centers like, Khambholj, Anklav, Bangalore, Vilankanni, Vadipatty, Oriyur to implore God’s grace and blessings through prayer and worship.

Parish Pastoral Council: it contributes its share in the running of the parish organizing retreats, celebrations and makes occasional visits to the members of the parish.

Fr. Chackochan Kakkanatt SVD was the pioneer in establishing the mission at Halol. He started living in Halol from 1988 but the servant quarters and the farm house which served as the residence and the chapel. He underwent a lot of struggle to build up this mission.

Fr. Chackochan Kakkanatt 1988 -1990

Fr. Damien Ekka 1989 – 1993

Fr. Anup George 1993 -2000

Br. Justin Lakra  1999 – 2013

Fr. Sleevaiah Bandanadam 2000-2008

Fr. John Britto 2008 onwards..

Br. George Kindo 2013

Miles stones:

September 1990 Three Sisters of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary of Baroda diocese have come to Halol to help the pastor, Fr. Damien Ekka SVD in the evangelical work. At present they are staying in a rented house in the town. Negations are on the purchase a suitable plot of land to build a convent.

Confreres who worked so far


Name of the Confreres

Post /Assignment


Fr. Damien Ekka

Assistant Parish Priest


Fr. Chackochan Kakkanath

Parish Priest


Fr. Damien Ekka

Parish Priest


Fr. Ayyankolil Anup George

Parish Priest


Bro. Justin Lakra

Hostel In-charge


Fr. Sleevaiah Bandanadam

Parish priest


Fr. John De Britto

Parish Priest