In the service of God and His People


We, the members of the Divine Word Society of St. Arnold’s Parish community inspired by the Word of God and the life of our Founder, we experience God’s love in our lives and are committed to serve and render our service, through school and socio-pastoral apostolate to the poor and marginalized communities and to give them human dignity.

Our Apostolate:

  1. Pastoral Apostolate
  2. School Apostolate
  3. Biblical Apostolate
  4. Social Work
  5. Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation.

How it all stated

St. Arnold’s parish Ambadocher is a rural parish of Khandwa diocese in Madhya Pradesh, India.  It is situated 90 km. from Diocesan headquarters Khandwa.  It has got five mission stations, which is spread up to 20 kms.  These are the main mission stations, Tigiria, Saka, Chainpur, Kamarda and Jhirnia.  Khandwa diocese consists of two regions namely: East and West Nimar (Khargone Dist.).  Khargone district is situated in South- Western part of Madhya – Pradesh covering an area of 6541.87 square kilometer. In the year 2003, when Most Rev. Bp. Leo Cornelio SVD was the Bishop of Khandwa, he had bought eight acres of land was bought in the village of  Ambadocher in view of starting a new Parish. At that time this mission area belonged to Bhikangaon parish, a sub-station of Yesu Senehashram, Bhikangaon Parish. The then Bishop gave this sub-station to the Society of the Divine Word to develop and to look after the socio-pastoral needs of the people. This new parish is situated in the tribal area. The place is very much rural and remote. The Ambadocher village is a Panchayat and is surrounded by many other tribal villages. These are the main mission stations, namely, Tigiria, Saka, Chainpur, Kamarda and Jhirnia. People of the place are very poor, illiterate, and belong to the poor section of the society.  Now this has been given status of a parish. People have many expectations from the Church.

In 1965, Fr. Francis Alwaris came to this place. He used to visit this place from Barwani along with his taperecorder. Fr. Deepak Sulya’s father, Mr. Jilabsingh Singh Sulya taught them  by singing Bhajans in Barali language. After Fr. Alwaris demise, Fr. Motiraj took this mission work and used to visit the peole fo different villages fro the spreading the Word of God from Pandharana Parish. First baptism was received by Shri Bhudria Patel and Family. St. Arnold’s Parish Ambadocher was inaugurated on 29th June 2007. This mission came into existence due to hard work of many SVD missionaries. This parish is a very special parish because it is given to the SVDs and we are asked to develop the parish and the mission. We are working mainly among the Bhilala tribes. People of the place are very poor and live below poverty line. They have some small pieces of land and whatever income they get from the land they try to sustain their families with that. This village Ambadocher is a very remote place where there is no proper road and no other facilities.

There was an urgent need to have a Presbytery, which would enable the people in the spiritual and holistic development. The Parish Priest Fr. Pancratius Xalxo SVD, till now had been staying in an old house which was built by late Fr. Simon Mannara SVD, 30 years ago. The newly constructed Parish House was blessed on August 06, 2010. Most Rev. Devprasad Ganawa, the Bishop of Jhabua Diocese, was present on this occasion and many Priests, Religious and faithful of Ambadocher Mission were also present.  Sant. Joseph Sevika Sanstha Sisters Nanda Nagar, have come forward to collaborate in the Mission work.  Three sisters are already appointed to the mission. They have already begun Balwadi. We wish them all the best for their mission endeavours among the Bhilalas and Bhils. It is mostly inhabited by tribals called Bhils and Bhilalas. 

Mile stones:

Newly constructed Parish House was blessed on August 06, 2010.

Most Rev. Devprasad Ganawa SVD, the Bishop of Jhabua Diocese was present at this occasion and many Priests and Religious and faithful of Ambadocher mission were present. 

St. Joseph Sevika Sisters (Nanda Nagar) have come forward to collaborate with the Mission.  Three sisters are already appointed to the mission.

Confreres who worked so far

Name of the Confreres

Post / Assignment


Fr. Pancratius Xalxo

Parish Priest


Fr. Antony Puthussery

Assistant Parish Priest


Fr. Robert Baptist Lawrence

Diaconate Ministry


Fr. Sagayaraj



Bro. Kishor Minj



Fr. Sagayadass