One of the priorities of the SVD General chapter (1978) was communications. Almost at the same time the idea of a centre to promote communication activities was being mooted. Satprakashan Sanchar Kendra which came into existence in 1980 promotes the use of media facilities in collaboration with a net work of subsidiary centres in the districts. Satprakashan Sanchar Kendra began as Divine Word Publications on May 20, 1975 at Satprachar Press (an undertaking of the Society of the Divine Word established in 1947) later shifted to the present premises. Satprakashan means the Light of Truth’. Sanchar indicates the element of communication and Kendra means centre- ‘the centre which communicates truth. It indicated its roots with Satparchar Press and the Divine Word, the Light of Truth. On January 1, 1980 Satprakashan Sanchar Kendra was launched with Fr. Clarence Srambical SVD as the director. From then onwards Satprakashan had been operating from two rooms of Satprachar Press. The need was felt for  a specious place where the centre could also house other activities and grow gradually. As a result, it started operating from the present premised on December 1986 onwards.

The Goals:
The goals from the beginning had been to publish and promote Christian literature in Hindi; to publish and promote developmental literature with a particular emphasis on adult education; to publish books on missiology, anthropology. Religious sociology. Comparative religious and social communications and media. Further to develop, catalogue and distribute audio- visual software for group activities , to organize and run a books centre at Indore , thus making all these available through the centre for the people of this area. It was also meant to train and promote Hindi Christian writers and to encourage them to contribute regularly for periodicals. The centre was recognized by the regional bishops conference as their communications centre since its goals fulfilled the expectations of the regional bishops conference.

From its inception, publishing of books were the major priority of Satprakashan. Use of media was at the core of Arnold’s vision. Sensing the importance of print media, Fr. Alois Kanski SVD along with Fr. Devand Chakungal SVD, Fr. Henry Naria SVD and Fr. Clarence SVD began to publish books in the name of Divine Word Publications. Having studied the needs of the people of Hindi belt, Satprakashan started publishing modern spiritual classics, Biblical and devotional books with number of titles related to the transformation of society, social development, empowerment of women and media books in Hindi and English. Up to now more than 210 titles have been published, several of them going through reprint a number of times. The publication of Pavitra Bile in Hindi was the biggest contribution of Satprakashan. The Indian missiological review (today known as Mission Today) was published form this centre. The word Among Us the bi-monthly family magazine is an offshoot of satprakashan.

The book Centre:
satprakashan started the book centre in 1981. Since them it has been growing steadily. Today several hundred titles, from all the Christian and non Christian publishers of India and abroad are made available to the public. It also houses religious articles, statues of various sizes and kinds for the benefit of people religious and the missionaries. Hence, the book centre now is only one of its kind in the whole of Hindi belt.

Audio Cassettes:
In 1988, we began publishing our audio cassettes. So far, 40 audio cassettes have been published. We have not been tied down to only religious and inspirations hymns but produce cassettes of a general and cultural nature. The audio cassettes produced and published by the us have been a contribution to the liturgy and workshop of the local as well as the regional church.

Video Production:
The centre moved on to another powerful and effective field of media in 1997, when it acquired some semi professional equipment for video production. Though we have not yet begun producing programmes for commercial consumption, a few have been produced by the centre which is circulated for private use. Also the centre has been making programmes for local cable network, secular programmes and special programmes for occasions like Christmas and Easter since four years. With the arrival of Fr. Geo George KV SVD, we have started digital photo processing animation. We offer state-of-the-art technology in digital filem making in our video studio. We offer service from conception to completion. So far we have produced more than 175 small and big documentary files and has associated with many professionals in the country. Songs of Life, Sever sisters (a documentary on north eastern states), Asta Ka deep and Balidaan are a few documentaries to name. A fill on Jesus title Khritayan is almost ready to be released. A documentary on Prayer in all religions, a documentary on Vandematharam and a film on women empowerment titled Humali are under production. Video department is equipped with all the required equipment for a short film production.

Radio Veritas: On April 6, 1987, Satprakashan signed a contract with Radio Veritias Asia to take up the Hindi Service. The centre began this on July 3, 1988 under the title ‘Satyaswar’. From then on the centre has been broadcasting Hindi porgrammes over Radio Veritas Asia under the able guidance of experts like Fr. Deepak Sulya SVD for one hour every day. RVA Hindi service receives more than 5000 letters a year. The main themes that Sataswar deals with are related to society, women, dalits and food for thought and reflection.

Studio services:
Both audio and video has been a great source of contact and dialogue. It is like dialogue with life activities. Due to its studios, the centre is recognized as a cultural organization doing good work in promoting art, culture and other values. We prove professional audio recording facility with 24 track digital system with CD mastering and SVHS professional video shooting and editing facility. In a few months we hope to add nonlinear editing facilities, digital camera and other accessories to deliver professional quality material. The centre possesses a number of video cassettes and audio visual material which are used by the religious and missionaries. The file club of the city also operates form here bringing together a number of likeminded people who appreciate and welcome serious and parallel cinema.

Training programme:
Frs. Clarence and Sony provide media training programmes for the seminaries at KPRP seminary Bhopal and request at various places like Ephraem Theologate Seminary at Satna, Claretian Ashram Philosophate, Wardha. We conduct media awareness and introduction to new technology, seminars to religious and other schools on request. With the new extension, the centre is now equipped to house in house programmes. This facility is already being using by many other NGOs to conduct their seminars and workshops on a regular basis, opening centre further to the public. The centre has been closely associated with various organizations and movements to promote human values. One such example is its close association and collaboration with Dharma Bharati National Institute of Value Education for Peace. The centre helps them in editing their bimonthly publication Renaissance. The centre extends its services to schools, colleges, formation houses and parishes. It collaborates with the Mass Media department of Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya Indore.

Other Facilities:
The centre provides facilities for residential seminar for 35 people with well furnished rooms and seminar halls. A large hall that can contain 200 persons is its specialty. We avail the facilities for seminars and brain storming sessions joining hands with organizations working in the fields of slum development, education of the poor, waste management, watershed and other environment issues, problems of geographically displaced due to various factors and women organizations.

It being a Regional and diocesan Communications centre, coordinates the activities of social communication in Indore diocese and in the region of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.  It offers training and awareness programmes for social and religious awakening.

Satprakashan is owned by  the Central Indian Province of a Religious Congregation called the  Society of the Divine Word (SVD).  SVD is an international Religious Congregation of Priests and Brothers working in more than 75 countries. Satprakashan  enjoys the privilege of being the Regional and the Diocesan communication center for Madya Pradesh / Chattisgarh  region  and Indore diocese.

When the visual media plays a vital role in the life of the society, Satprakashan  established a video studio to address the demands for the time. Since the establishment of the video department, the center has been producing video programs  to uphold the indigenous culture, promotion of various forms of arts and artists and  has assisted a number of institutions  to make documentary films on their life and activities.  

Satprakashan was established  with a motive to   publish  and promote religious, spiritual, educational and value based books  primarily in Hindi and also in English  . Since then it has been serving the Hindi belt states of Central India through its various publications in Hindi and English.With the advancement of technology, the center ventured into the production of audio cassettes and CDs to propagate and promote  spiritual, religious and educational  values.

Training of media personnel is an another activity of the center. On the job training is being offered to the interested youth in audio and video productions. Media related  courses, seminars and workshops   are periodically organized for children, youth, teachers and  media personnel. The staff of the center  extend their  service to various schools and colleges educating and creating awareness on media.

The center has the unique privilege of being the regional communication center of Catholic Church for Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.The center has been  collaborating and cooperating with many of the media related colleges and institutions of  the city of Indore.  It is  a home for media professionals from all walks of life over the past many years and is committed to the  production,  promotion and propagation  programs  for the common good   of  the  humanity

  1. This Media House works first and foremost for the transformation of society through the use of communications media,
  2.     Second, to foster inter-religious collaboration in communication activities,
  3.     Third, to publish and promote humanitarian and development – literature.
  4.     Fourth for the use of all media i.e. print, radio, TV, IT etc. for the integral development of peoples,
  5.     Fifth, to participate in the formation of public opinion on social, cultural, professional and spiritual issues
  6.     Sixth, to conduct, train and promote Media Education for empowering peoples especially in Madhyapradesh and Chattisgarh
  7.     Seventh, to organize and conduct Media training Centers of Excellence irrespective of caste, creed or language.

Satprakashan was established in 1981 with the aim to publish and promote spiritual, educational and value based literature and other publications in Hindi and English.  During the past 25 years it has produced a number of coveted titles irrespective of religion.  Books and periodicals catering to the well being of children, adults, youth, marriage, family life and other socially meaningful works.

With the advancement of technology, the center ventured into the production of audio-visual  programmes to achieve its goals.  An audio recording studio with the state- of- the- art technology has been established which attracts artists from different walks of life

The Centre has produced a number of spiritual, cultural, educational, patriotic audio programmes in Hindi and English. As promoters of indigenous culture and traditions the centre a number of musical productions to its credit especially in the Bhilali, Bhili and other tribal languages. Humanitarian and Youth oriented Radio programmes are produced  in Hindi and are broadcast from  Akashvani and  Radio Veritas Asia  for the past 20 years.

Today our life is controlled much by the visual media. Knowing well the significance and need of the Information Technology and Television Satprakashan established a digital film studio. Since then the center has been producing programs to encourage and promote the indigenous culture, folklores, music, dances and other cultural traits of the central India and have made them known to the rest of the country and world.   The films division has assisted the Spiritual gurus and other leaders of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Borah community and tribal religions for the production of their own programmes. It has produced many a programme for the eradication of TB, Aids, Leprosy, and other social evils like child marriage, alcoholism, and superstitions.

Satprakashan has been of assistance to the society through its services during the times of natural calamities and disasters like the earthquake in Gujarat, and Tsunami in the south. It has to its credit a number of productions revealing the cultural heritage, religious pluralism, geographical diversities and ethnic richness of our country. It produced a programme for the MP police, for making awareness among the public on traffic rules.

Various courses, seminars and workshops   are periodically organized for students, youth, teachers and media personnel. The specialized staff of the centre extends their expertise to various schools and colleges in educating and creating awareness on the role of mass media in our society today.

The Centre is a venue for various governmental and non governmental organizations to organize seminars, classes and workshops for social development like slum development,  education of the poor,  watershed management,  poverty eradication, economic programmes of the  government, women and children issues, waste management,  environment issues,  problems of  the geographically displaced due to various  factors,  women’s organizations etc. It is a home for media professionals all over the country. From its birth to this date,

Satprakashan sanchar Kendra has served as a vanguard of our Society, its culture, traditions and values.  It pays its humble pranaam (homage) to  Bharat Maata, WHO is not a person but our people, their faiths including the Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwaras, Pagodas, and other sacred places and objects of worship,  traditions and values, art forms; music, drama, dance: festivals and celebrations of this great land of ours, Bharat. We have a few major productions in the coming year depicting our cultural and religious diversity; and a film on our national song Vande Mataram and another research film on Religious practices and rituals of all the religions in our Land, for promoting better understanding and for national integration.  As the name Satprakashan Sanchar Kendra denotes, we shall be committed only to the Prachar (propagation) and Prakashan (publication) of SAT (Truth) in the field of Sanchar or Communication Media. It is our pledge to be agents of nation building with our specialized service in this Mediocratic and mediocracy society, guided by the inspiration of Jesus Christ.

Satprakashan aims to:

  1. Work for the transformation of society through the use of communication medias
  2. Foster inter-religious harmony and collaboration in communication activities
  3. Publish & Promote humanitarian and development-literature
  4. Make use of all medias, ie. Print, Radio, TV, IT etc for the integral development of people
  5. Participate in the formation of public opinion on social, cultural, professional and spiritual issues
  6. Conduct, train and support Media education for empowering people especially in MP
  7. Organize and conduct media training centres of excellence.

Name of the Confreres

Post / Assignment


Fr. Henry Naria



Fr. Clarence Srambical



Fr. Anthu Joseph

Staff Member


Fr. I.M John

Assistant Director


Fr. Henry Naria

Staff Member


Fr. Lawrence Fernandes

Staff Member


Fr. Deepak Sulya

Assistant Director


Fr. H. Joseph Xavier

Biblical Apostolate


Fr. Norbert Herman

Assistant Director, Coordinator of Radio Varitas


Fr. Deepak Sulya



Fr. Sebastin Sony Abraham

Assistant Director


Fr. George Bhuriya

Director, Radio Varitas


Fr. Sebastin Sony Abraham



Fr. Norbert Herman

Coordinator of Radio Varitas


Fr. Xavier Kuttanchelil



Fr. George Kannanayil

Assistant Director


Fr. John Wakla



Fr. Deepak Sulya

Director, Editor, Divya Darpan


Fr. Nicholas Martiz



Fr. Herman Bandod

Co-Ordinator Of Satya Swar


Fr. Herman Bandod

Editor, Divya Darpan


Fr. Arackal ,Joemon James

Director Satprakash Sanchar Kendra


Fr. George Kannanayil

Christayan Shooting


Fr. Herman Bandod

Editor, Divya Darpan


Fr. John Wakhla



Fr. Herman Bandod

Coordinator, Hindi Service of Radio Varitas


Fr. Lawrence Fernandes

In-charge of Vidoe Department


Fr. John Paul



Fr. Anthony Swamy

Asst. Director, Cor. RVA, Proprietor


Fr. Babu Joseph