To transform our world into a just, equitable and harmonious place, where God reigns.


To provide holistic and integral development to students enabling them to grow as person of character, competence, conscience, compassion and commitment and who will take their rightful place in the society as agents of change ushering in a new world order that is open, inclusive and sensitive to the poor and marginalized.

How it all started:

Fr. George Bhuriya SVD who focused his dedication on the mission through evangelization in the year 1993.  He started the hostel for the school children in 1995. He continued the mission up to 1996.   Secondly, from 1996 to 2005 Fr. Prashanth Lukose SVD, who worked very tirelessly in the mission, also faced lots of difficulties and persecutions.   However, he was prudent and strong enough to spread the God’s mission very effectively. Eventually he started a school by name Nirmala Niketan Vidyalaya in order to give primary education to the poor children. He brought up the school up to seventh standard.  He also built separately hostel for girls and facilitated the hostels to the best of his abilities so that children might have good accommodation and be able to study well. He inspired people to follow Christ by his faith and life.   However, He felt that people require a better place to come together for faith formation hence he built a beautiful church for the people.  In the same way he was very much thoughtful to build a convent for the sisters and presbytery for the priests to stay. 

From the year 2005 till today the mission has been taken care by Fr. Abianus Tigga SVD, who has been rendering his service for poor people by his life and commitment. By his hard work and zeal he has brought up school up to 10th standard.  Today the school is shining with lots of activities and innovative plans. The teachers and students are proud to say that this school was honored three times by the Tehsil for securing hundred percent results in 10th board examination.

To keep up the faith of the people in spirit of Christ we have ‘Small Christina Communities’ which are functioning effectively in faith.

The youth in the parish is very vibrant. They involve themselves in various activities. Fr. Abianus Tigga SVD with help of sisters has been animating the youth in proper way.  Since four years the youth from this Parish has been securing first place in the Youth Convention program which is organized by the Diocese of Udaipur.  It is because their active involvement in the competitions with lots of creativities and talents. In the same way, ‘Jyoti Sang’ (3rd to 8th catholic school children association) also has secured first place last two years in the Diocese of Udaipur.

We have also Women-Self Help Groups which function with proper animations and guidance. These groups come together and participate in some of the activities of the parish. They organized women’s day program in a grant manner on 9th March 2013, in Jhadol mission .The news was given in the Rajasthan news paper.

We know that today’s the world is moving towards science and technology. The computer education is emphasized all over the world.  We too have felt the need for computer education for our school children. Therefore last year we helped 15 school girls to get the basic knowledge in computer with proper certificates. In this way our mission in Jhadol has been unique and rich in its own functions. It is always ready to look for new and creative innovation to bring positive transformation in the society by witnessing and sharing Christ’s love to all through words and deeds.


Name of the Confreres

Post / Assignment


Fr. George Bhuriya

Parish Priest


Fr. Prashant Lukose

School In charge


Fr. Abianus Tigga

School, In charge


Fr. Prasad Kulivlil



Fr. Dilip Bhuriya