Dignified Life of the Marginalized, Migrants, and Nomads


  • To organize and empower women living in the slums through Self Help Group formation and small saving.
  • To provide standard family living through self employment opportunities and training on income generating programme.
  • To promote human rights, justice, peace, and integrity of creation.
  • To foster awareness on preventive and promotive health through health education, training and medical consultations.
  • To provide awareness on climate change and environment protection.
  • To support children through supplementary classes for strong foundation in education.
  • Net working with Government and Non-Government Organizations.

How it all started:

 Initiating and founding of SAMMAN: It is an organization started in 2005, in the heart of Bhopal city, capital of Madhya Pradesh, with the exclusive vision of giving a dignified life for the marginalized, migrants and nomads of the city. Empowerment of women (especially of the Tribal and Dalits) by providing opportunities to enhance family economy my through self help groups and basic education to their children. In short, it aims at social animation of the marginalized, migrants and nomads. At present, its office is located in the campus of SVD Vidya Bhavan, Bhopal.

It was an inner thought of Rev. Fr. A.A.S. Duriaraj SVD the then Provincial of INC that an outreach programme for migrant workers be started at Bhopal. Fr. Albinus Kujur SVD, the coordinator of JPIC-INC, Spiritual director and moderator at Khrist Premalaya Regional Philosophate was the immediate and experienced person in social animation programme available to initiate and materialize the programme. Hence, Fr. Albinus Kujur SVD was appointed as first director of SAMMAN to plan and to carry on the social animation programme. A team of three Fathers A.A.S. Durairaj SVD, Xavier T. SVD and John Dawar SVD formulated the name of the organization SAMMAN as a centre for ‘Social Animation of Marginalized, Migrants And Nomads.’

Inauguration of SAMMAN office: Centre for Social Animation of Marginalized, Migrants And Nomads (SAMMAN) was blessed and inaugurated as independent office by Fr. Ignatius T. SVD at Ishwar Nagar slum on July 12, 2005 amidst 50-60 men, women and children gathered from the local slums. Initially, the aim of SAMMAN was to organize and empower the migrant labourers especially the women and children engaged in waste picking and domestic works.

Official permission from Archdiocese Bhopal: On Wednesday, August 10, 2005 His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Pascal Topno SJ, Archbishop of Bhopal, official issued a permission letter to Fr. Albinus to start social activities for the poor people in Bhopal. His letter of permission stated “ Dear Rev. Fr. Ablinus Kujur SVD, I am happy to inform you that you have my permission, encouragement, and moral support for your initiative for the good of the poor people in Bhopal. Fr. Soosai, Director of Social Work in the Archdiocese is also interested in your work. Kindly keep in touch with him. Wishing God’s Blessing on your new ministry.” 

St. Joseph Sevika Sisters with SAMMAN: On November 28, 2005 Sr. Sumati Tigga SJS was appointed as field animator at SAMMAN. And on June 1, 2006 Sr. Margret Kujur SJS was appointed as additional animator to SAMMAN to organize and empower waste picking and domestic working women and children. On June 1, 2007 Sr. Sarojani Tete SJS replaced Sr. Margret Kujur, to carry on the animation programme at SAMMAN.

Withdrawal of St. Joseph Sevika Sisters: Due to serious communication gap and misunderstanding among the St. Joseph Sevika Sisters and with SAMMAN administration, the St. Joseph Sevika Sisters decided to pull out their services from SAMMAN from April 1, 2008.

EIP Fraters with SAMMAN:

INC province has been very kind to assign regularly one each EIP fraters to assist SAMMAN since 2006. They are as following: Frt. A. Vanathu Chinnappan SVD from June 2006- April 2007, Frt. Lalu Thomas SVD from June 2007- April 2008, Frt. Andrew Lobu SVD from June 2008-April 2009, Peter Thomas SVD from June 2009- April 2010, Francis Xavier SVD from June 2010-April 2011 and Vincent Robert SVD from June 2011-April 2012.

The co-workers extended support to SAMMAN in the past: There were a number of field staff members joint SAMMAN, learnt the skills of social animation programme and as and when they got better offer they went ahead for their better future. George Dung Dung from June 2005-May 2006, Kiran Tete from June 2005- May 2008, Rajesh Kullu from June 2006- May 2008,  Reena from April-July 2007 , Mallika Kujur from August-Oct 2007, Sunil Xalxo November 2008- May 2010, Sameer Tigga from June- July 2010 and Amrit Kujur from September- December 2010.

Shifting of SAMMAN Office: Due to various inconveniences SAMMAN office was shifted from one place to another. From July 2005-June 2008 at Ishwar Nagar slum, from July 2008 – October 2009 at Abhimanyu Apartment -29, E-7, Arera Colony and from November 4th onwards SAMMAN office was shifted at SVD Vidya Bhavan campus, Bhopal (after Provincial chapter-2009 decision).

 Projects and Programme carried on by SAMMAN: there were a few developmental project implemented to organize and empower the domestic working and waste picking women and children. They are as following:

  1. Livelihood enhancement of migrant labourers especially women and youth living in the slums of Bhopal city for the period of two year from April 1,2006- March 31, 2008, supported by Indo Global Social Service Society, Pune. The slums covered under the project are: Meera Nagar, P.C. Nagar, Indira Nagar, Ishwar Nagar and Sai Baba Nagar.
  2. Continuation of livelihood enhancement of migrant labourers especially women and youth living in the slums of Bhopal city for the period of two year from April 1, 2008- March 31, 2009 supported by Indo Global Social Service Society, Pune. The slums covered under the project are: Krishna Nagar, Bharat Nagar, Aam Nagar, Sabji Farm and Shahpura.
  3. Integrated livelihood enhancement for waste picking women in Bhopal city for the period of three year from April 1, 2008- March 31, 2011 supported by Manos Unidas, Spain. The slums covered under the project are: Ambedkar Nagar Kolar Road, Bagmugalia, Patrapul, Meera Nagar, Rajeev Nagar Kora, Gautam Nagar, Bairagarh-Phata and Gandhi Nagar.
  4. Organization and empowerment of waste pickers programme focused on ‘door to door collection of waste’ in various colonies of Bhopal city, supported by Municipal Corporation, Bhopal since November 2010 onwards. The slums covered are Meera Nagar, Patrapul, Bagmugalia, Gandhi Nagar, Bairagarh-Phata, Sankar Nagar, Sarva Dharm Kolar Road and T.T. Nagar slums.
  5. The upcoming project for SAMMAN is Promotion of integrated health and education among the waste pickers, especially women, adolescents and children living in slums of Bhopal city for the period of three years from April 1, 2012- March 31, 2015.

Miles Stones:

04/11/2009       A team of 23 members visited KKPKP, Pune, to see the methods of door to door collection of house wastes.

24/02/2010        Staff members of SAMMAN visited Hyderabad mission, where a number of innovative activities are being carried on by SVD and SDB missionaries to render services for lepers, HIV patients and the street & platform children. It is necessary for any organization to enhance its working team with various new ideas, new ventures and new approaches to do God’s work.  

17/06/2007       The SAMMAN pitched its tent at Ishwar Nagar slum, and then gradually the office was moved to Abhimanyu Apartments, near 12 No. bus stops

04/11/2009       With much consultation by the Provincial Council, SAMMAN office was shifted SVD Vidya Bhavan premise. Fr. Nicholas Martis SVD, Provincial Superior, INC blessed and inaugurated in the presence of all the confreres from SVD Vidya Bhavan, Divya Vani and KPRP, and a few Rag-picking women and Domestic Workers involved in the Self-Help Groups. In his speech Fr. Provincial congratulated Fr. Albinus, Frt. Peter Thomas and the other working staff members. He also expressed his gladness to have a centre for social animation programme in Bhopal and appreciated SAMMAN which makes positive contribution to people of the periphery.

01/04/2009       To enhance the poor and the marginalized, value education in terms of Spoken English, Grammar and Computer Course was organized at SAMMAN office in the month of April and May 2009. Two Fraters Libnus Lugun and Pradeep from SVD Vidya Bhavan guided 13 boys and girls during the last summer course with interest and commitment. All the students expressed happiness that the summer course was fruitful. It provided enough information and learning. Most of them came out with flying colures in their various examinations.

04/11/2009       Keeping in mind the perpetual problems of waste pickers in Bhopal city, SAMMAN organized an exposure visit for 23 rag-pickers to SWACH and Kagad, Kanch, Patra Kashtkari Panchayat Pune from November 4 to 7, 2009. The main purpose of this visit was to show them the integrated community development activities towards building clean and hygienic city environment and to foster dignified life of the waste pickers. Ms. Nalini Shekar, the Executive Director of Kashtkari Panchayat Pune told the visitors that ‘one needs to think big to achieve something in life’. Today there are over 6,000 door- to–door waste collectors (Mostly women) engaged to attend 2, 00,000 families and business centers for a Sustainable Waste Management Programme in Pune city. Pune Municipal Corporation along with the Organization closely associated to maintain clean and hygienic environment in the city.

09/11/2009       17 Brothers of KPRT, Ashta, who stayed in the slums of Bhopal city, performed thought provoking and impressive act plays and awareness songs were sung in the five slums, where SAMMAN activities are being implemented. People in the slums responded positively and gathered in a large number to watch the show. They were as many as 750.

29/11/2009       Mr. Eugene Lukas, an advocate and professor of law provided general information and solution regarding legal problems phased by the waste pickers in their day to day living. Over 39 waste picking members from five slums participated in this awareness Programme organized at SAMMAN office. He addressed the participants to stand firm on ground of human rights. He also encouraged them to build strong unity among themselves and seek legal help to clarify the doubts and questions.

03/02/2010        PROJECT VISIT BY  MANOS UNIDAS TEAM, Ms. Africa and Elena of Manos Unidas, Spain visited the ‘Integrated Livelihood enhancement programme’ implemented by SAMMAN on Feb 3, 2010. They visited five slums of waste pickers and interacted with them, observed the actual situation and the progress of the work. They also had a short interaction with the staff of SAMMAN. The staff members shared their experiences, challenges, difficulties; they come across in the slums. They also shared about the problems of the people and their future course of action. The visitors were happy and positive about the work that is being done by SAMMAN in uplifting the slum dwellers.

15/01/2010       Family Health Insurance is an innovative activity started by SAMMAN recently. The main objective or purpose of this scheme is to provide some medical help or service to the slum dwellers. To get this help, they must belong to anyone of the self-help groups.  From every family of five members Rs 250 each is collected per year. Every family gets medical help up to Rs 1000 in a year.  Diseases like TB, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, accidents etc and children below five years do not come under this scheme. By any chance, if any member of the family dies, Rs 2000 will be paid immediately as a family support. So far, 80 families have registered their names for the scheme.  Dr. Pushpa Rani Minj, MBBS, along with SAMMAN’s staff visits the people regularly and treats them in their places.

24/01/2010        SAMMAN Staff members visit Andhra Mission: One can have many skills of working, but it is also equally important to learn from others. The staff of SAMMAN are exposed to different realities, where the similar works are carried out to learn and improve one’s skills in the field of social work. Many of the SVD missions were visited. Some of the places are: Muthangi -Divine Word Centre for prayers and healing, run by SVD Fathers, a hostel run by St. Anne’s Sisters for the children of waste-Pickers, Leprosy and Community Care centre at Jogipet for HIV/AIDS patients founded and run by Fr. M. Xavier SVD. Asha Jyothi-Community Care Centre for the HIV/AIDS patients at Pregnapur founded and run by Fr. Bali Reddy SVD, Rakshana Deepam, Moinabad, a centre for the HIV affected children run by Fr. Christu Raj James SVD and Community Care Centre for the HIV/AIDS patients and Leprosy centre run by Sisters at Sangareddy. The Staff also visited Don Bosco Nav Jeevan Rehabilitation Centre for the street children at Boiguda and Ramantapur respectively. SAMMAN staff is grateful to Fr. M. Xavier SVD and Deacon Michael SVD for making the visit inspiring and lively. SAMMAN also thankful for the excellent accommodation provided by Br. Rajesh Soreng SVD, Director of Brothers’ formation house at old Alwal, and Fr. S. Devadass SVD Rector of St. Arnold’s Provincial House, Habsiguda.

14/03/2010       WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION: SAMMAN observed women’s day celebration at Khrist Premalaya Auditorium, Bhopal. Over 250 women of Self Help Group members from Arera Colony localities gathered together at 1.30 pm to celebrate the day. Most of the SHG women are engaged in domestic works, daily wage earnings and petty vending. The newly elected Corporate Mrs. Shobha Narwade was the chief guest of the event. Fr. Xavier T SVD, representative of the Divine Word Society – Central Indian Province, Fr.Michaelraj, Director, ANWC, Mrs. Indira Ayangar-Chairperson, Mahashakti Seva Kendra, and Ms. Jaya Arya- Chairperson, Shanti Niketan Mahila kalian Samiti were the special guests of the day.

Ms. Malti briefed the various activities carried on by SAMMAN. She mentioned that there are 245 active members of 16 SHGs having monthly meetings and savings regularly. They have deposited a sum of Rs 4, 85, 290/- in various banks. So far, Rs. 7,05,500/- loan was disbursed to 09 SHGs during the year 2009-10 for various purposes by Indian bank, Microsate Branch, Bhopal. Infact, Indian Bank has come forward readily to give loans to SHG members and Mr. Abhay Sinha, the branch manager is very co-operative and generous to help the members. During this gathering cheques worth of Rs. 1, 55, 000/- were presented to 03 active and progressive SHGs of the area as loans. These were distributed by Fr. Xavier T. SVD.

10/03/2010        WASTE PICKERS DAY OBSERVED: Alliance of Indian Waste-pickers (AIW) has set a day to organize Nation-wide annual get together of all the waste pickers on March 10, 2010. Waste-pickers of various cities, living in slums and streets will go on demonstration in groups; organize rallies, walk in processions, chant slogans or just gather together at a platform to tell the concerned authorities and the responsible persons that they are also the citizens of the country and they have every right to live with dignity. They are deprived of basic amenities of livelihood. There are 380 slums in Bhopal city. Over 3000–4000 families’ livelihood depends on waste-picking. Most of the waste-pickers are unorganized labourers, migrated from rural areas in search of livelihood. Illiteracy and unemployment have become the unending problems of people at periphery. In order to find alternative solutions to their perpetual problems, this annual gathering is significant. The Honorable Minister for Urban Administration and Development – Mr. Babulal Gaur was the chief guest. There were also many other dignitaries, which include Fr.  Prasad Kuzhiveli SVD Vice-Provincial INC, the newly elected Municipal Corporates Ms. Shobha Narwade and Bhairusing Yadav.

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Fr. Augustine Pushpa Anbu

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Fr. George Payattikkatt



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