How it all started:

The confreres in Khandwa diocese have for long expressed the need for an SVD house in the diocese where they could come together for recollections and meetings or just take a break from their work and relax. An offer from the bishop of Khandwa to the SVD to start a dialogue cum communication center in the town came in as a coincidence combining both the projects into one; SVD Information Centre in Khandwa was conceived and has already acquired the nod of the Generalate. Then a search for a suitable piece of land began and with the help of Fr. Jacob then the Secretary of the Bishop this land was agreed upon. Half an acre of land a kilometer before Khandwa town along the Indore Khandwa road has already been pushed. Fr. I.M. John the Assistant Director of Satprakashan has been entrusted with the execution of the project and he moved fast with the construction bit. The building work began in the year 1987. He was deputed to look after the constructions of two separate houses; one house as a communication and dialogue centre another for the SVD confreres to come and stay at any time. The houses are built well under the supervision of the expert and experienced architect Br. Hans Kieras SVD. Many names were suggested but one among them was Pradeepti meaning illumination by Fr. Varkey D’Penna was accepted by all with clap and cheers.

Pradeepti was blessed and inaugurated on December 8, 1989 by then the Provincial Superior Fr. Thomas Thalachira SVD and blessed by Bishop George Anathil SVD together with Bishop Abraham Viruthakulangara of Khandwa Diocese. It was serving as a centre for diocesan communication and dialogue departments. I was running the activities for the diocese till the pastoral centre was built. Now the diocese has its own departments for communications, dialogue and ecumenism. Now Pradeepti is working with the diocese for running and promoting dialogue and communication with the heads and people of other religion and sects.

Khandwa has a pilgrimage centre for Hindus called “Dadaji Dham”. Around 5 to 8 Lakh of pilgrims visit the place every year. There are different departments, religion and people of Khandwa take care of them well. The Catholic Church of Khandwa in the history never came forward to serve them. Pradeepti for the first time organized medical camp and drinking water pandals for the pilgrims. It touched many number of hearts and gained a name for the people of Christians.

Pradeepti takes active part in organizing the neighbors and the parishioners. Several times the director attended the peace rally and rallies against corruption in India/Khandwa. Spoken English for the working people specially teachers and officers. It has a plan for music and dance classes for the students. The director is planning to go to govt. schools to teach the poor and marginalized children. The negotiation with the person is on the progress.

Pradeepti is a centre for mass and worship for Catholics and there are many people who have benefited from here. Singing practice to keep the liturgy active and live and catechism classes together with retreat for people are arranged in Pradeepti. Some social works and effort to educate poor people are on by this centre. I have attended inter religious prayer meeting and I am in touched with the heads of other religion. In dialogue there is big way to reach our destination. Pradeepti will surely try to promote human values safeguarded our faith. In future the centre is planning to organize people oriented programmes. Media communication will be promoted.

Miles Stones:

1986         The plan of starting a house was conveyed to the Bishop, Abraham Viruthakulangara who gladly accepted and gave a green signal.

1987         The building work began. Fr. I. M. John SVD was deputed to look after the constructions of two separate houses.

1989         On December 8, Fr. Thomas Thalachira SVD, the Provincial Superior inaugurated and blessed by Bishops George Anathil SVD and Abraham Viruthakulangara.

1990         Fr. I. M. John SVD was appointed as the director.

1994         Fr. Lawrence Fernandes SVD was appointed as the director who recorded Nimadi songs along with Fr. Herman Norbert SVD and also did other activities.

1997         Fr. George Kochumurry SVD was appointed as the director who organized interreligious dialogue.

2003         Fr. George Bhuriya SVD was appointed as the director who devoted himself to the social and spiritual well being and growth of the people, made many attached toilets and both rooms put up roofs. He constructed a grotto and started devotion to Mother Mary. He started Sunday Service for the people in Pradeepti. He also organized some inter-religious dialogues.

2005         Fr. John Sulya SVD was appointed to the office of Communication at the diocese level.

2011         Fr. Swaminathan SVD was appointed as the director.

Name of the Confreres

Post / Assignment


Fr. A. Singarayar

Assistant Director


Fr. George Kannanayil

Assistant Director


Fr. I.M John

Assistant Director


Fr. Swaminathan

Assistant Director


Fr. John Wakla

Assistant Director


Fr. Sebastin Sony Abraham

Assistant Director


Fr. Kishore Soreng

Assistant Parish Priest


Fr. Michael Kerketta

Assistant Parish Priest and Assistant Director


Fr. Lawrence Fernandes



Fr. George Kochumurry



Fr. Swaminathan



Fr. George Bhuriya

Director, Parish Priest, District Superior


Fr. Thomas Aquinas

Staff Member


Br. John Menezes

Staff Member


Fr. Clement Moolamkuzhiyil

Staff member


Fr. Joseph Pinto

Staff Member