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Significant Dates in the Life of St. Arnold Janssen (1837 – 1909)


November 5, 1837 Born to Gerard Janssen & Anna Catherine as the second of 11 children at Goch, Germany.
1848 – 1855 Primary School in Goch and minor seminary at Gaesdonck
July 11, 1855 School leaving examination, Muenster
1855 – 1859 Studies in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Philosophy in Muenster and Bonn
1859 – 1861 Theology studies in Bonn and Muenster
June 16, 1859 High School Teaching Qualification
August 15, 1861 Ordained Priest in Mǘenster Cathedral, Germany
1861 – 1873 Teacher in Natural Sciences and Mathematics in the Public School at Bocholt in Germany.
1866 Became a Member and an intensive promoter of Apostleship of Prayer, traveling to all the German speaking areas of Europe.
1873 Resigned from teaching in order to start a monthly magazine called “Little Messenger of the Sacred Heart”
1874 Published the Mission Magazine “Little Messenger of the Sacred Heart.”
December 3, 1875 Obtained permission to found a Mission House in Roermond Diocese (Netherlands)
September 8, 1875 Inaugurated St. Michael’s Mission House in Steyl and thus founded the Society of the Divine Word.
January 27, 1876 Inaugurated the Society’s first Mission Press at Steyl, Holland.
1878 Started the Periodical Die heilige Stadt Gottes
1878 Accepted the first lay brother postulants
March 2, 1878 First Two missionaries sent to China: Joseph Freinademetz and John B. Anzer
1884 – 1886 First General Chapter and establishment of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD); Arnold Janssen became the Superior General for life.
1888 Established St. Raphael’s College in Rome
1889 First missionaries  sent to Argentina
December 8, 1889  Founded the Congregation of the Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS)
1889 Established the first Mission Seminary, St. Gabriel’s,in Austria
1889 First missionaries  sent to Togo in Africa.
1892 Opend Holy Cross Mission House in Silesia
1895 First missionaries  sent to the United States
1895 First missionaries  sent to Brazil
December 8, 1896 Founded the Congregation of the Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration (SSpSAP)
1896 First missionaries  sent to Papua New Guinea
1898 Opened St. Wendel’s Mission House in Saar
1900 First missionaries  sent to Chile
1901 On January 25th, official approbation of the Society of the Divine Word by Pope Leo XIII was obtained.
1904 Opened St. Rupert’s in Bischofshofen
1905 Sent missionaries to Southern USA to take up Negro Missions
1906 Published the first Issue of “Anthropos”, the Society’s anthropological journal
1907 First missionaries  sent to Japan
1908 St. Mary’s Seminary at Techny, Illinois was opened
1908 First missionaries  sent to Philippines
January 15, 1909 Death of Fr. Arnold Janssen in Steyl
October 19, 1975 His Holiness Pope Paul VI beatified Arnold Janssen & Joseph Freinademetz.
October 5, 2003    His Holiness Pope John Paul II canonized Arnold Janssen and Joseph Freinademetz.
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